The Yearbook & Directory of Ireland's international financial services industry Wednesday, 24th May 2017
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Welcome to the online edition of the FINANCE DUBLIN Yearbook & Directory, providing an online guide to the companies, advisers, and executives in the international financial services industry in the Republic of Ireland.

The print edition of the Finance Dublin Yearbook 2017 will be published in May 2017. It will be the first substantive guide, Post-Brexit, to Ireland FS for incoming exiting institutions from London. It will summarise the EU Directives which provide much of the Passporting framework for FS alongside its 500 plus individual company profiles.

The Yearbook 2017 will profile the wide range of platforms across sectors due to the passporting offered by EU membership, including specific profiles of the 500 plus enterprises that have delivered IFS from the jurisdiction since its first crystallisation as an international financial centre in 1987.

The Yearbook provides a comprehensive guide to those platforms for international investors, profiling companies, with their rich resources of expertise and products, as well as the best in class regulatory and taxation frameworks that Ireland offers.

The Yearbook, first published in 1991, will also mark the 30th anniversary of the IFS industry in Ireland and with its profiles of over 500 IFS companies and institutions, will be an unique resource for the marketing of one of Europe’s premier platforms for the delivery of financial services throughout the world.

Click HERE to access the ONLINE E PAPER EDITION of the 2016 Yearbook.


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The FINANCE DUBLIN Yearbook & Directory of Ireland's International Financial Services companies is published in print (248 pages A4) and online.


The FINANCE DUBLIN International Financial Services companies Directory profiles over 500 companies from over 50 jurisdictions operating from the Republic of Ireland. The search function in the online guide provides updated profiles of the firms operating in banking, aircraft leasing, asset management, securities and investment fund services, structured finance, asset finance, insurance, reinsurance, life, and captive insurance in the jurisdiction.


The Yearbook's listings of Markets Infrastructure providers lists the providers of transactions, payments and exchanges services, including clearance and settlement. It also includes industry representative bodies and a directory of ITC, fintech, computing and network facilities providers to the market and the securities, funds, money and payments sectors. Government and Regulatory Bodies are to be found in this section also.


Ireland is host to some of the world's leading professional advisory practices with some of the top global advisers in a range of specialist financial services disciplines, including aircraft leasing, asset management, structured finance, insurance and multinational corporate taxation in a leading common law jurisdiction that is also a member of the European Union. Click here

The FINANCE DUBLIN Professional Services Guide & Directory

The Finance Dublin Yearbook includes the Finance Dublin Professional Services Guide & Directory. It is the unique resource of specialist expertise across a comprehensive range of financial services disciplines for the jurisdiction.

It is designed to be of use to dealmakers and service providers seeking to structure solutions based on the jurisdiction's legal and tax frameworks, for example in asset management and fund administration, insurance, aircraft financing and many other services. (These are listed in the "My IFSC" section, with listings of service providers in over 200 financial service categories).

The Finance Dublin Professional Services Guide complements the A-Z listings of companies in the Yearbook.

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